Chronic Bits:

As we prep for the new ChronicBabe site, we're shutting down the bits.

-Posted: 4/22/2013

It was nice while it lasted! But the new stream-lined won't have news items per se - although Editrix Jenni will be writing about newsworthy stuff. Just wanted you to know that we haven't forgotten about this feature...we're just letting it rest. Thanks!

Feeling down? Try some Kid President

-Posted: 1/30/2013

Your Editrix has had a little bout of depression the past two days. Rough stuff. But Kid President is helping a lot. Enjoy!

In preparation for 2014 and ObamaCare:

-Posted: 1/24/2013

This handy-dandy tool shows you how ObamaCare will impact YOUR health insurance situation.

A look at "sick lit"

-Posted: 1/10/2013

Some folks are freaked out by it. We feel empowered by it. XO Jane contributor S.E. Smith gives us the lowdown on "sick lit."

Join us for a LIVE chat today!

-Posted: 1/9/2013

Let's get together and talk about our hopes and challenges for the new year. Editrix Jenni and our amazing moderators, Rachel and Helen, all have a bunch of resolutions and plans to talk about, and we can't wait to hear yours. Join us at the Forum today at 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST, 10pm AT (that's 1pm in Sydney and Melbourne on Wednesday, January 9).

Fantastic new campaign

-Posted: 1/8/2013 the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. J'adore! Thanks for reporting it, NYTimes.

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Recent Articles:

24 Ways to Say Thank You: A free download from me to you.

Intern Michelle and I noticed that August is National Admit You're Happy Month, and we thought about gratitude—how totally good it is for you, and for everyone around you.

So we cooked up a PDF that's full of customizable thank-you notes you can share with friends, family, hell...strangers! 

Posted: 8/14/2013 in Announcements  |  View this article.

100 Ways to Reboot: A Free Download from Me to You

Everyone needs to reboot now and then, right? So my intern Michelle and I decided to gather 100 ways to help you do just that, from diet and exercise, to humor and music, to travel and yoga, to meditation and games...there are TONS of tips here to help you relax, unwind, and find your happy place again. ALL gathered with YOU in mind, you ChronicBabe, YOU! Download the PDF today and get busy. Or not busy, you know...

Posted: 8/7/2013 in Crafty  |  View this article.

BlogHer 2013 Recap: Health Blog to Health Business (and more!)

A few days ago, I was lucky to be part of BlogHer 2013, one of the biggest conferences for ladies on the internet. It was a blast—I met a ton of fabulous women, and learned a lot about the business of blogging...lots of things I can do to improve this site. I wanted to share a few things I learned at HealthMinder Day, which may be useful to bloggers AND those who don't blog about their illness...

Posted: 8/5/2013 in Announcements  |  View this article.

PTMO: Permission To Miss Out (I give it to you!)

Sometimes, I want to do it all...but I just can't. I hate saying it! But it's true. It's not about me placing artificial limits on myself, or holding myself back, or not believing in myself. It's me accepting that sometimes I am limited by my chronic illness.

Or is it chronic illness? Maybe it's just being human?

A few years back, my pal Leah and I came up with an acronym that really helps me get through hard days. It's PTMO: Permission To Miss Out.

Posted: 8/4/2013 in Coping  |  View this article.

The health insurance exchanges are coming! Here's what you need to know NOW and some help from the National Patient Advocate Foundation

We're about 60 days out from the Health Insurance Marketplaces opening in each state. What does this mean for you? You'll have the ability to research, compare and enroll in health insurance plans to meet your needs—even if you've been turned down before for insurance. In addition to purchasing insurance, you will be able to check your eligibility for premium cost saving measures from within each marketplace. Our pals at the National Patient Advocate Foundation provided us with all the details...

Posted: 8/2/2013 in Announcements  |  View this article.

It's OK to cry at the pharmacy counter. Sometimes.

It was late in the day, after a long slog through tons of client work and admin duties. I had worked a 9-hour day, run a ton of personal errands, and was finishing up with picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Then the clerk told me I owed him $750. For three medications. I walked away from the counter, paying for only one of the medications. I did something I've never had to do before: go without medication I need because I can't afford it.

Today, I'm calmer, more focused. And I'm ready to take some steps to change things. How about you?

Posted: 6/14/2013 in Venting  |  View this article.

On the process of rebirth: The re-launch of ChronicBabe is coming!

Been a while, huh? It's amazing how time slips past you when you're super busy. I feel like I looked up from my laptop and it's suddenly June.

So it's time to tell you a little bit more about why it's been quiet here at ChronicBabe HQ—and how that will DEFINITELY change in the coming weeks.

Posted: 6/12/2013 in Announcements  |  View this article.

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