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ChronicBabe will host Grand Rounds on February 13: Give me some sugar!

The Date:

Tuesday, February 13.

The Deadline:

Sunday, February 11 at midnight Central time - no exceptions! This Babe has chronic hands and needs all day Monday to put Grand Rounds together.

The Theme: Give Me Some Sugar.

I'm from the South, where Sugar is a pet name for anyone you love. My grandpa used to sit me on his knee and say "give me some sugar" and tickle me into a massive giggling fit. Asking someone to "give me some sugar" is also a creative way of asking for a kiss or some other treat. So this Valentine's Day Eve, I'm asking my fellow health and medical writers to give up the sugar - to share their treats.

If you want to participate, share a post about love, acts of kindness, caring, or generosity, sexuality, chocolate, or sugar in its many forms. And if you send me something that doesn't really fit the theme, I'll still consider you to be giving me some sugar if you offer up something helpful that readers will truly enjoy. I'll include up to 30 posts, so the closer you are to the theme, the higher your chances for inclusion.


Email me your submission, or ask me a question, and either way, please put "Grand Rounds" in the subject line of the email. Never done Grand Rounds before? Check out the archives for ideas before you send a submission.

Posted: 2/5/2007 in Announcements

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