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Here at ChronicBabe, we've made it our mission to share hundreds of cool tips and resources to help you live a fulfilling, sexy and successful life in spite of chronic illness. So we're super excited about a bundle of new offerings we'll roll out in coming weeks.

What's the best way to keep up with all the resources we have to offer? Sign up for Goodie Bag, our free e-newsletter delivered every other Tuesday. Not only do readers get tons of helpful (and fun) information, but starting in March, new subscribers* will also get free stuff! We don't want to give away the surprise yet, but trust us - you'll love what we've got to offer.

In just a few months we've grown to more than 700 Goodie Bag subscribers, with many more newbies joining each day. So sign up now and join the hundreds (soon to be thousands!) of people who get an e-newsletter they actually love to read - one that helps them feel better with each issue.

*Don't worry, long-time Goodie Bag readers - you'll get the free stuff too!

Posted: 2/26/2007 in Announcements

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