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ChronicBabe Blog Carnival #2: Love, Illness and Other Confusing Things

i love you even though you're sick!Lessons learned and shared

Sometimes, as Lindsay at RunLindsayRun points out, when it comes to chronic illness it’s as if you and your partner are speaking two different languages. You need a translator! In Love and Other Disasters (or How to Stay Married to a Chronic Babe) Lindsay shares some tips to help you when 'for better or worse' comes back to haunt you.

It might be confusing to hear a wife ask her husband “Please Don’t Kiss Me!” But Lisa Copen at (Rest Ministries) and her husband have found a way to deal with her “less than effective” immune system. Mr. and Mrs. Copen just celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary so this ChronicBabe is on to something!

If there is one thing ChronicBabes know about, it’s Loving in the World of Illness. Annie provides useful tips for ChronicBabes who want to keep their relationships afloat during stress and flares that accompany chronic illness. Annie would also love to hear from ChronicBabes who have tips and ideas, so hit Annie up at It's Time To Get Over How Fragile You Are and share what you know!

David E. Williams has a conversation about a company called EmFinders about a device called EmSeeQ at the Health Business Blog. Do you have someone in your life that wanders off and is too confused to find their way back home? EmFinders and EmSeeQ can help: EmSeeQ is a device that works with the local police force to keep track of your wanderer. ChronicBabes in the sandwich generation (those of us who are responsible for both children and our parents) can use all the help we can get. For more information about EmSeeQ check out this podcast.

your baldness is hot!First came love, then came marriage: Stories of being wed to chronic illness

Selena’s husband is not so much confused by her illness as he is doggedly determined not to allow it to turn her into a grumpy mess. He is defiant in the face of the alien that has slipped into her body and lashes out at him. Check it out He Wants Me Back...And So Do I at her blog, Oh My Aches and Pains!  

Chronic illness is the third wheel in Dana’s marriage. But Dana has found that the upheaval brought on by chronic illness has made her marriage stronger. She tells the tale of her marriage and waiting to adopt in My Take on Marriage, Love, And That Confusing Little - No Wait, BIG Thing - That Gets in The Way: Chronic Illness. We wish this ChronicBabe the best of luck in her effort to adopt a child! Hope she keeps us updated at her blog I Already Gave My Right Arm to Be Ambidextrous.

Migrainista is struggling with wanting to be the perfect wife and is constantly challenged by the limitations imposed by chronic illness. Being A Migrainista And A Wife is tricky, but she feels blessed with her loving husband.

In Broken, Together Katie makes it clear that life ain’t quite what they envisioned when she and Dr. Slappy (love that name!) got married. Katie’s chronic pain has caused much upheaval and confusion in their relationship, but Dr. Slappy has got her back. Props to Dr. Slappy! Check out more of her sarcastic humor at Overflowing Brain.

Nessie shares that the Time and Confusion in her marriage is more “in sickness” than “in health” and causes her feelings of guilt so strong that it is a physical weight on her. But (there’s always a but!) the love from her husband makes dealing with her chronic illness easier in This Year's Masterpiece.

hospital handsDiana Lee at Somebody Heal Me: The Musings of a Chronic Migraineur has been able to hide her depression from her husband for quite some time. But now that he will be home more often, can she continue to hide it? Or will she find a way to overcome it? She realizes it is time to face her depression in Am I Risking it All? Facing My Depressed Reality.

Trudy’s anger and resentment at her disease did some serious damage to her marriage of 42 years. Their relationship changed from wife/husband to patient/caretaker and that caused her to be very angry at the lack of normalcy. But self-reflection allowed her to continue Keeping Love Alive During Illness at A New Beginning: My Life with RSD.

Sometimes it can be a little confusing learning to love yourself, your family, your friends…and deal with the rest of the world too!

A newly diagnosed ChronicBabe, Jen is learning to adapt to her chronic illnesses by Taking It Day by Day. Even though she’s frustrated and confused with how her illness affects her family she is coping by enjoying the beauty each day brings at Moderately Inconclusive.

Lauren at Novel Patient has a crush in Love Bug, but she has confusing scenarios running through her head leading her to believe she is inadequate to find true love. We heartily disagree, Babe! Those countless healthy girls don’t have the depth of character and the strength of spirit that chronic illness brings. Hang in there, Babe!

Healthy people just don’t get the unpredictableness of chronic illness and often misinterpret what is happening...and are unkind to ChronicBabes. Angela vents about a guy who, after knowing her 15 years, still can’t catch a clue in You're Sick Again? Read more of her stories at Health-e Inspiration.

kissy kissyWhen Your Body Calls, Who Responds? One of Leslie’s biggest fears was for her boyfriend to see her during a flare of her chronic illness. It happened, she survived, and her relationship thrived. She learned to pay attention to her body. Getting Closer To Myself is her kick-ass blog.

But there is no confusion here; Maya is in Luuvvvv! And she wants to introduce us to her guy in This One’s a Keeper at her blog Loving With Chronic Illness.

Sex can be a really confusing subject of conversation…

A Whole Lot of Baggage is loaded on this couple’s cart. Baggage, in this instance, is a euphemism for chronic illness. One particularly fragile piece of luggage is the chronic pelvic pain Rachel experiences; it plays havoc with their ability to be intimate. Rachel writes about this at Tales of my Thirties.

Sexual malfunction and romantic rejection can be an equal opportunity destroyer in the lives of both guys and gals living with chronic disease. Kairol Rosenthal at Everything Changes relates the story of James in Cancer and Pillow Talk: From a Guy's Perspective.  Communication makes a relationship what it is. And great communication can overcome sexual issues that arise (forgive the pun) from cancer’s after-effects. Check out this view from the other side of the bed.

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This is our first big go at running a blog carnival. Let us know what you think in the discussion over at the Forum.

Want to participate in the next carnival? It's two weeks from today (publish date: May 4, 2010), and the theme is Learning to Live with Pain. We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! If you want to participate, send us your name (as you would like it to appear), the name of your blog, the name of your post, and a 1-2 sentence description of the post. We'll let you know if you're accepted. Send all that to chronic babe @ gmail dot com. The deadline is Sunday, May 2, at 10pm CST.

Thanks again to all the participants, and to our pals at Fibrochondriac for helping make this blog carnival a reality!

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