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A haiku about fibromyalgia by someone who hates writing poetry - #HAWMC Day 5

by Jenni Prokopy, the Editrix

On the 5th day of the WEGO Health (they're @wegohealth on Twitter) Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (HAWMC)*, in which they offer a blog prompt per day for a month, our lovely organizers ask us to do something I can't stand: write poetry. Haikus, to be specific. Ugh. Write one or more, they say. Double ugh.

Did I mention I don't like writing poetry?

So you get one. Just one haiku. That's it. And it is probably kinda sucky. But I'm committed to this challenge, so here goes:


Hurts me, Makes me tired, Sad

Your love, It heals me, I'm using my Texan pronunciation of "tired" as two syllables, for sticklers on syllablic usage. Jussayin'.

I know my haiku's nothing special, but it about sums things up. Thanks for indulging me. (Did you see that I filed this post under "coping," as in, thanks for coping with my terrible poetry skills?) Man, I can't wait 'til tomorrow when I'm sure our blog prompt will be better than poetry. Whew!


*All month you'll see me reference #HAWMC as a hashtag in my headlines; that's so when I write about it, my references show up properly in Twitter and folks can find my Tweets. That's technology, folks!

Posted: 4/5/2011 in Coping

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