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Whatever I want: To take the weekend off. #HAWMC - Day 9

by Jenni Prokopy, the Editrix

It's day 9 of the WEGO Health (they're @wegohealth on Twitter) Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (HAWMC)*, in which they offer a blog prompt per day for a month, and today's prompt is blessedly mellow: Health Activist Choice! Write about whatever you want today.

Well seeing that I took the whole weekend off from blogging, and it's really Monday, urm, hope you don't mind. It's fitting, actually, because what I wanted to do on Friday was to take the whole weekend off. And my weekend started on Friday afternoon, and I looked at the laptop, saw that I hadn't written this post, and thought: "What do I want to write about right now? Nothing. I want to chill out." So I did.

The thing is, sometimes we just need to take time off to take care of ourselves.

I put that in nice big type so you wouldn't miss it. Little miss does-it-all over here needs to see it in big type, too, believe me. I forget this all the time. In my idealized world, would I have the energy to write a blog post every darn day, in addition to all the other work I do? Oh sure. In real life, do I have that ability? Nope. I've got a crapload of work to do and sometimes I just can't fit in everything I want to do.

And weekends are for relaxing. That is just a fact. Weekends used to be when I would keep on working and feel exhausted and try to catch up and then feel pissed off by Sunday afternoon, feel left out, like I missed something. BECAUSE I DID. I missed the weekend. 

Now I don't do that. I take time off. And sometimes I do that during the week, too. I don't work at night. And I take lunch breaks. When I feel really bad, I take a sick day. You know, like a normal person does. When they have a day job. I'm trying to be a better boss. Not the kind of boss I used to hate to have.

So I hope you took the weekend off too, and that you didn't even notice that I didn't write this on Friday. 


*All month you'll see me reference #HAWMC as a hashtag in my headlines; that's so when I write about it, my references show up properly in Twitter and folks can find my Tweets. That's technology, folks!

Posted: 4/9/2011 in Coping

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