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A poem about fibromyalgia lies by someone who hates writing poetry - #HAWMC Day 14 (I'm finally caught up again!)

by Jenni Prokopy, the Editrix

Day 14 of the WEGO Health (they're @wegohealth on Twitter) Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (HAWMC)*, in which they offer a blog prompt per day for a month, offers up another damn poetry prompt. If you've been following along all month, you KNOW I can't stand to write poetry. Write a 5-10 line poem in which each line is lie or misconception about your condition, they ask us. Well, OK. But I'm not promising greatness. 

Fibromyalgia Ain't Real

by J.P. Liar McLiarsons

If I had a dime for every woman who with fibro,

I'd have enough money to cure a real disease.

These ladies laze about, complaining 'bout aches and pains,

but they seem to get 'round with ease.

They talk about strugglin' with depression, and I think,

right, babe, it's all in your head!

I bet they'd turn down a cure if it meant they could stay in,

just watch TV and eat bon bons in bed!


So I wrote this, and I'm kind of crying a little as I write it, because I know this is how some people really think. Because I've actually heard people say these things. Real, live people. And despite living with this condition for 14 years, I know there are people who still believe this to be true. When, in fact, it is B.S. 


*All month you'll see me reference #HAWMC as a hashtag in my headlines; that's so when I write about it, my references show up properly in Twitter and folks can find my Tweets. That's technology, folks!

Posted: 4/14/2011 in Venting

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