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Blog Carnival #41: Your new year's resolutions

Compiled by Jenni Prokopy, the Editrix

It's a new year—and time to think about your approach to being a ChronicBabe in a new way. I asked you to share your new year's resolutions, and the response was amazing! We start with mine and then share a big ol' batch of resolutions and perspectives on starting fresh, some from folks who aren't even ChronicBabes but who we think have great advice for you.

22 amazing women share their plans for 2012. If you're not inspired to make this year great, you're not trying hard enough. Dig? Enjoy the wide range of ideas including resolutions the Buddha might have made, practical advice for holding true when things get tough, and ideas for those who positively loathe resolutions. Enjoy—and make sure you add your own resolutions in the comments below.

Resolved: It's gonna be a good year. I have four solid resolutions for 2012, and they aren't all health-specific...but they'll all help me be a better ChronicBabe this year. I'm @chronicbabe on Twitter (in case you've been living under a rock...)

Onward to 2012 is Rachel's (of Tales of Rachel) look at the big changes ahead in the new year. We're behind her all the way! She's @tailsofrachel on Twitter.

On New Year's by Laurie Edwards from A Chronic Dose is all about savoring the wonderfulness of 2011, and working on being present for every moment in 2012. She's @achronicdose on Twitter.

How did UII do? is a great look at one ChronicBabe's examinations of last year's resolutions and her success. Jenni's blog, UII - Understanding Invisible Illness, is one of many great takes on the phenomenon. She's @UII_JennyP on Twitter.

The New and The Old by Amber at Chronic Phoenix looks at her three-year journey, and her resolution to encourage others. (Yes!)

New year's resolutions the Buddha might have made by Toni Bernhard is published at Psychology Today, and it's a trip. Enjoy! Learn more about Toni at How to Be Sick.

The end and the beginning shows us Migrainista's approach to finding balance in 2012, even if it's not technically a "new year's resolution." She's @migrainista on Twitter.

New year's resolution for 2012: Stay on top of my med and supplements supply shows us how Shruti is aiming for one concrete goal. Her blog is Lifestyles of the Ill (and Mostly) Blameless, and she's @chr0nicbookworm on Twitter.

Happy new years, if we make it so by Jennifer Jaff of Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness, Inc. is a long read, but so worth it. We need to band together to make this world better!

New years rituals for those who LOATHE resolutions by Alexandra Franzen at Unicorns for Socialism is so great, I think everyone should read it, ChronicBabe or not. She's @alex_franzen on Twitter.

27 resolutions before 2013! is Peachy's (of Peachy's Pains) ambitious take on goal-setting. So awesome! She's @peachypains on Twitter.

2012: The year of the... is a raw look at what Phylor (of Phylor's Blog) is hoping for 2012. Sometimes it's important just to keep it together. She's @phylorsblog on Twitter.

What do you want your life song to be? Kari from Patient Endurance: Lessons from a Journey with Chronic Pain talks about dreaming and envisioning what you want 2012 to be like, and praying for those things to happen.

How to make 2012 a happy year by Dana at I Already Gave My Right Arm to be Ambidextrous explores her goal to exercise more...through belly dance! She's @dlmorningstar on Twitter.

Resolutions and irrational self-expectations is a chance for Megan from Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear to resolve to be kinder to herself, a goal I can totally get behind. Megan is @mirroredlens on Twitter. 

2012 resolution: rush only when chased is Amy Guth's look at what it means to slow down and enjoy the moment. I love this. She's @amyguth on Twitter.

New Year, New List by Helen at Creaky Girl shows how her resolutions have morphed over the years. So awesome to see her progress! She's @creaky_girl on Twitter.

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Blessings helps KB at A Drop in the Bucket focus on something awesome each and every day. Love that idea! She's @kbroddey on Twitter.

New year, new me? by Katie at Overcoming Daily Battles shows her hope that mini-resolutions will work better than super-big ones of years past. We're wishing her luck!

Here comes the new year! is Sue's (of RFamHere's Rambling's) look at a year of advocacy. She's @RFamsRamblings on Twitter.

A simple plan is Kathy's (of FibroDAZE) easy peasy approach to new year's resolutions.

2012, here we come! by Lisa of Brass & Ivory: Life with MS & RA is a month-by-month goal-setting festival. Sweet! She's @lisaemrich on Twitter.

Wow. What an amazing collection of women!

I feel so spoiled to have such great work come from my request. Go, babes!

Give us some feedback...

We love running our blog carnival! But maybe there's room for improvement, so we want to hear your suggestions. Let us know what you think of this edition in the discussion down below in our comments section.

...and join us next time!

Want to participate in the next blog carnival? Our next edition is scheduled for Monday, January 23, 2012, and it will be all about winter wellness and fitness. It's easy during yucky winter weather season to become more sedentary, get the blues, and generally let our health slide. How will you approach life differently this winter to achieve some of the goals you've set? Share your practical and inspirational ideas to help others!

If you want to participate, send us your name (as you would like it to appear), the name of your blog, the name of (and link to!) your post, and a 1-2 sentence description of the post. PLUS: Give us your Twitter handle, too! We'll let you know if you're accepted. Send all that to chronic babe @ gmail dot com. The deadline is Friday, January 20 at 10pm CST.

And healing energy to Selena from Oh My Aches & Pains!

She continues to heal, and we're so glad. She always does a bang-up job of pulling together our blog carnival when I'm swamped. Let's all send her healing energy as she recovers from a recent surgery. Hugs, babe!

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