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And a happy thanksgiving to you, too!

by Jenni Prokopy, the Editrix

Today is the day when I run around like crazy picking up all the goodies my BF Joe and I need to host Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. We're merging parties with my BFF Natalie and her family...and Joe's dad and a few fun friends are joining us as well. It's a true Friendsgiving this year!

As we head into the busy holiday season, I hope you're all AWAP (as well as possible). And I hope you're giving yourselves PTMO (permission to miss out) when you need it. And I hope you're planning for a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. (And for you non-U.S. folks, just have a great weekend yourselves, too!)

Holidays can be tough on us ChronicBabes, so I want to encourage you to reach out if you're feeling crummy or need support. There are so many of us on this site, at the ChronicBabe Forum, and throughout the online community who will be around this weekend and can offer support.

(And you can put a supportive comment down below or answer someone if they reach out - that's a great way for us to use the comments feature on this site.)

Holidays can also be super fun! So I want you to enjoy them as much as you can - really savor the great food and drink, friends and relatives, time off of work, and time to be grateful for everything we have.

I'm sending you so much love today, babes. And I know all the people who make ChronicBabe happen are also sending you much love and peace. 

Enjoy and be good to each other and to yourselves. xoxo, Editrix Jenni

Posted: 11/21/2012 in Announcements

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