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June 2006

Just for fun: Ever wonder about docs who help patients aboard planes? (6/29/2006)

Trolling Kevin, M.D. for tidbits today, I came across this great post from Movin' Meat. An ER doc, he talks about what it's like to answer the call when a flight attendant asks, "is there a doctor on board?" On one flight, he treated three patients! And you must see how the airline thanked him. It's a great inside look at the doc's experience, and his blog is crammed full of great ER stories and news.

Have anxiety or depression? Consider participating in a new book project (6/28/2006)

The author of JUST FINE: Unmasking Concealed Chronic Illness and Pain is currently working on a follow-up book, created in a similar format. This new resource will profile men and women who live with various mood disorders. It will offer coping tools, resources and case studies. If you or anyone you know has one or more of the disorders mentioned below and would be willing to respond to a short questionnaire via email and/or be profiled in a new book, please contact Carol (the author). Disorders to be represented include: clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, attention-deficit disorder, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression related to living with chronic illness or pain, postpartum depression, severe PMS, and sleep disorders. Your story could help others!

Did you get your Goodie Bag? (6/27/2006)

Goodie Bags were handed out today...if you didn't get yours, e-mail us and we'll forward one over. (Goodie Bag is our e-newsletter, distributed every other Tuesday and chock full of tips, news and special deals for subscribers. It's free!) Subscribe so you never miss a single Goodie Bag!

New Grand Rounds @ Medviews (6/27/2006)

Once again, this week's Grand Rounds does not disappoint. Hosted this week by Medviews, it's chock full of interesting stories. Check it out, or if you're new to the Grand Rounds blog carnival, get acquainted.

Tuesday, June 27 is HIV Testing Day (6/26/2006)

Sponsored by the National Association of People With AIDS, HIV Testing Day is tomorrow, June 27. If you've never been tested, tomorrow is a great opportunity to go for it. And of course, if you can't make it that day, any day is a fine day to get tested. Find a local HIV test site.

Change of Shift: a new blog carnival with nursing perspective (6/26/2006)

Check out Change of Shift: A Nursing Blog Carnival, hosted by Kim, creator of Emergiblog (which we also love!). It's brand new, and doctors, patients, students and paramedics are invited to share stories of nursing experiences or criticisms/ suggestions. Here's the first edition, and rules for submitting.

Mayo Clinic trial: acupuncture helps ease fibromyalgia symptoms (6/23/2006)

A new clinical trial, conducted by the Mayo Clinic, found that fibromyalgia patients experienced significant symptom relief through the use of acupuncture, according to ImmuneSupport. For long-lasting relief, patients needed continued treatment. For more, read the abstract of the article published in June 2006 issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

San Fran introduces universal healthcare plan (6/23/2006)

Via Kevin, MD: San Francisco has announced a universal healthcare plan that would make it the first city in the nation to offer medical services to every uninsured resident. Celebrate the beginning of a new era! (The plan will begin in 2007.) Now if only Chicago could catch on...

University offers paced degrees for chronic folks (6/23/2006)

We're proud as peacocks that a local Chicago univerity, DePaul, is now offering "paced" degrees for students around the world. Part of DePaul's "School of New Learning (SNL)," the Chronic Illness Initiative is geared for "students with chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, heart disease, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, among others," says the program web site. "This program was designed to help students who have had difficulty attending traditional programs because of relapses or unpredictable symptom flare ups," it continues. Scholarships are available. Rock! (Thanks for the tip, ImmuneSupport.)

Get the scoop on trigeminal neuralgia (6/20/2006)

Trigeminal neuralgia has been in the news lately, and a Chronic Pal pointed us to the web site of the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association. If you don't know about this disease - which causes severe facial pain - it's time to learn more. Sign up to get the association's newsletter, check out the patient stories, or be a supporter with a donation or volunteering.

Yes, tonight - I have a headache (6/20/2006)

New research says that folks with migraine headaches have higher levels of sexual desire than people with other kinds of headaches, according to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Get more info in a nutshell, or check out the full details in the upcoming issue of Headache, published by the American Headache Society.

New Grand Rounds @ Psychological Perspectives (6/20/2006)

New Grand Rounds! This week it's hosted by Dr. Deborah Serani's Psychological Perspectives, who does a great job, featuring dozens of new ideas and sources. Check it out, or if you're a newbie, learn more about the Grand Rounds project.

Reprints rule! Here are some reprint rules. (6/16/2006)

We've had a lot of interest lately in reprints of ChronicBabe articles, and we're thrilled that folks want to spread the message. But we've also seen a bunch of our stuff reprinted without permission all over the web, which is a big no-no. Here are some rules to remember when reprinting anything from ChronicBabe.

Donate blood, burn calories (6/15/2006)

Via Kevin, MD: According to the Mayo Clinic, in the process of donating one pint of blood you burn about 650 calories. This makes Editrix Jenni feel so much better! A few years ago, she donated blood and was completely exhausted for two days after, but didn't understand why. She thought if was probably related to having fibromyalgia. She's felt guilty about not donating since - but this explains the exhaustion! Next time: blood donation, then carbo loading.

Antidepressants linked to possible diabetes risk (6/15/2006)

The American Diabetes Association announced recently that a new study links antidepressant medications and diabetes, according to Reuters. Unfortunately, they have not established why the link exists.

New Grand Rounds @ The Haversian Canal (6/13/2006)

New Grand Rounds! This week it's hosted by The Haversian Canal, who does a smashing job. And our piece on sexy inhalers is featured! Check it out, or if you're a newbie, learn more about the Grand Rounds project.

We're real hot...and in good company! (6/13/2006)

Editrix Jenni is honored to be one of 100 lucky women to be named part of The Real Hot 100. (Other recipients include ChronicBabe pals Cinnamon Cooper and Searah Deysach.) The project—an answer to Maxim's "Hot 100"—features women who actually have something between their ears. Learn about the many wonderful winners and nominees, Babes one and all!

Wired: on sex with chronic pain (6/13/2006)

Wired.com's Sex Drive columnist Regina Lynn recently tackled the issue of sex and chronic pain, interviewing experts and soliciting opinions from Sex Drive forum members. Her article is full of great tips for folks with pain and those who love them. Check it out! (Thanks to Chronic Pals Kerrie, Woody and James for the tip!)

Server move complete! (6/9/2006)

Ah, the magic of the internets. We are now hosted by Stop Time Studio, offering excellent customer service and lovely web design. We'll resume posting new articles today. Thanks for your patience during the brief gap!

Alert: server switcheroo (6/6/2006)

Hi Babes! We're making a switch in the next couple days to a snazzy new server, thanks to our web designer and host Stop Time Studio. While we cross over, if you spot an entry that looks odd, please drop us a line. Thanks!

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