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February 2007

The Editrix is in pain today. (2/27/2007)

After some recent travel and a very busy work schedule, the Editrix is in pain today. Want to cheer her up? Send us links to your favorite distracting web sites so she can surf on the couch while she gives her bod a break. Thanks!

Have you had your annual check-up? (2/27/2007)

For us ChronicBabes, an annual check-up might seem odd - why schedule another appointment in our already-full calendars, when we're already at the doc's all the time? Well, Reuters reports that research shows an annual check-up helps reinforce preventive practices like getting a pap smear.

Grand Rounds @ Musings of a Dinosaur (2/27/2007)

Grand Rounds is up at Musings of a Dinosaur, and it's excellent. Take a look at what's old, what's new, what's changed, and what hasn't in medicine. And ChronicBabe is even featured!

Pill bottles: we have enough! (2/22/2007)

Regular readers of ChronicBabe know that we've been collecting pill bottles for some time now for use in an art project. Well, we're spoiled rotten - we've been able to collect more than 1,500! So we have enough. Big thanks go to all the folks who have contributed - we'll run another piece soon with details on what we have planned. Thanks!

Change of Shift @ Protect the Airway (2/22/2007)

Change of Shift, our fave nursing blog carnival, is new today at Protect the Airway. Check it out for a great read!

UPDATE: Buy some art, save a lung! Help Editrix Jenni's pal Phineas (2/20/2007)

A pal of Editrix Jenni, Phineas X. Jones, is a stellar painter, photographer, web designer, and groovy guy. Unfortunately, he was recently laid up for several weeks with pneumonia, which didn't heal properly, and now he needs surgery (soon!) to fix a fluid-filled lung. And, like many self-employed creative folks, he has no health insurance. So he's selling off tons of his weird and gorgeous work - collages, paintings, drawings, and photos - at No Commercial Potential. Buy some art, hire him to design your website, or just chip in a few bucks to the lung fund if you have some scratch to spare (free karma points!). * Stuff's selling, so head over before you miss out! * Love, Jenni

A clean desk is the sign of a...man? (2/20/2007)

According to WebMD, women's desk are much dirtier than men's, boasting twice the level of bacteria and germs on average. Get the scoop on the germiest spots and how to navigate them during this thriving cold and flu season! 

Grand Rounds @ Pure Pedantry (2/20/2007)

It's Oscar-themed, and it's full of medical writing goodness. Check out Grand Rounds at Pure Pedantry. For newbies: Grand Rounds archives.

The Addiction Project (2/15/2007)

Mark your calendars for March 15, when HBO airs the first of 14 segments of The Addiction Project - a documentary series which aims to "redefine drug and alcohol addiction." Almost 10% of people in the U.S. face addiction, and there is new (and somewhat controversial) research showing that addiction may be treatable like many other chronic illnesses, through medication and other therapies. So get ready for this series - sure to inspire some intense discussions!

But you don't look sick? (2/14/2007)

We just found this fun site that focuses on "the stories behind the smiles" - the perspectives of people living with invisible chronic illness. Check out But You Don't Look Sick now!

New programs on rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis (2/14/2007)

The National Pain Foundation has worked with healthXplorer to create a new 3-part program on rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Check out the site now to learn more; the programs are videos that include information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment (so be prepared for sound).

File under weirdest use of stem cells: big boobies (2/12/2007)

Japanese scientists say they are able to use stem cells and fat cells to make boobies bigger, according to the BBC. Can we maybe, oh, I don't know, work on curing some major diseases or paralysis first? Hmm? HMM?!

This she believes: You can't have a bad day while wearing red shoes (2/10/2007)

Babe Lynn pointed us to her fun essay for This, I Believe on her belief that wearing red shoes eliminates the possibility of having a bad day. (She works in the medical field.) We agree - we love our red shoes! Thanks Lynn!

Cancer is a Bitch (2/10/2007)

Regular readers know we don't normally post on cancer, but this blog is extra-cool: Cancer Bitch. Check out her post on "doing well" - we love it!

It's tax time: Could you be deducting more medical expenses? (2/10/2007)

Babe Sarah sent us this tip: if you are spending more than 7.5% of our adjusted gross income on medical expenses, you can deduct anything over that 7.5%. The IRS offers a comprehensive document explaining what are considered medical expenses, who qualifies, and how much you can deduct. BUT don't take our word for it, since we're not accountants - run it by your tax expert. We're just offering up something to check out.

New survey shows chronic pain up 40% in the workforce (2/9/2007)

Persistent, chronic pain has risen dramatically among full-time U.S. workers in the past 10 years, but workers today opt to go to their jobs rather than call in sick, leading to a growing trend of presenteeism – a negative impact on work despite being physically present at the job. This from a 2006 national survey conducted by Harris Interactive on "Pain in the Workplace", sponsored by PriCara, Unit of Ortho-McNeil, Inc., and conducted in partnership with the National Pain Foundation (NPF).

Change of Shift - a nursing blog carnival - is fresh at Nurse Ratched's Place (2/9/2007)

Check out Change of Shift, a nursing blog carnival, live today over at Nurse Ratched's Place. You're going to love the illustrations - vintage pulp fiction book coveres featuring nurses. Meow!

Grand Rounds @ Tales From The Emergency Room and Beyond (2/6/2007)

Check out what Dr. Couz has to offer this week, hosting Grand Rounds at Tales From The Emergency Room and Beyond. This week: a chance to "acknowledge the people behind medicine for more than just their clinical expertise." For newbies, check out the Grand Rounds archives.

Editrix Jenni writes about dining out with celiac disease and food allergies (2/5/2007)

Check out Editrix Jenni's piece today on "Dining Out With Celiac Disease and Food Allergies," at our fave Chicago site: Gapers Block. While she writes up a bunch of Windy City eateries, there's also lots of good general info on eating out anywhere - at home or when traveling. Bon (and safe) appetit!

USA Today: Doctors still slow to use email (2/5/2007)

USA Today's Kim Painter writes today about the reluctance of many doctors to use email to communicate with patients. But there is some evidence that email use is slowly growing; Editrix Jenni is lucky to say her doc embraces it, and she even gets a quote in the piece. Check out the sidebar on tips to use if your doc DOES start to use email - good advice for all Babes!

Harry Potter mania! Pre-order from Amazon and ChronicBabe gets a cut (2/2/2007)

Yea, we know - this has nothing to do with ChronicBabes. Well, we don't care. We have Harry Potter mania and we're going to spread it! We're psyched about the new book coming out on July 21, and right now, you can pre-order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from Amazon.com with a sweet discount - and if you pre-order through our links, we get a cut, too. So this post IS about ChronicBabe!

NWHRC reports on thyroid disease and women (2/2/2007)

A new report from the National Women's Health Resource Center examines Thyroid Disease & Women. One of a long series, this report is packed full of interesting information on diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and more.

Atlanta is the worst city for asthma (2/2/2007)

And there are 99 more on the list of "Asthma Capitals 2007" according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Ugh.

Sex and reproduction after HIV: it's totally do-able (2/2/2007)

The Sexual Health Network has an item today about a new report on sex and reproduction after an HIV diagnosis, examining the challenges for people living long-term with HIV and the need to better help them enjoy these aspects of live...which are possible. Read the report now from the Guttmacher Institute.

Today is national Wear Red Day! (2/2/2007)

National Wear Red Day is today, a day when people around the country wear red to remind each other that heart disease is a leading killer of women. So get your red on! And get lots of info on heart disease to share with the people you love.

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