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January 2008

ChronicBabe is the 2007 Medical Blog Awards "Best Patient's Blog" (1/30/2008)

ChronicBabe has been voted Medgadget's Best Patient's Blog in the 2007 Medical Blog Awards. W00t! Thanks to all who voted and spread the word. We're proud and honored to have won this great award.

Blog carnivals are your friends! (1/29/2008)

Grand Rounds is fresh at Emergiblog, one of our favorite nursing blogs, with a Beatles theme. And How to Cope with Pain is hosting its monthly Pain Blog carnival. Lots of good reading, Babes!

Grand Rounds @ But You Don't Look Sick? (1/22/2008)

Christine over at But You Don't Look Sick? has created an aptly themed "The All-Too Common Cold" Grand Rounds. Check it out for some fun medical/health writing!

What's your "aha" sleep moment? Tell Laurie! (1/21/2008)

Everyone knows we need more sleep, but how many of us actually do something about it? Our ChronicPal Laurie Edwards from A Chronic Dose is writing an article about sleep for a leading magazine and wants to hear from women who finally had it with being tired and made changes in their lives to get more sleep. Share your "aha" moment by e-mailing her, the sooner the better as she's on a tight deadline!

Migraines: Visible and invisible (1/20/2008)

Over at The Daily Headache, Kerrie Smyres wrote a piece about getting dark circles under her eyes during migraines... and then collected images from other folks to chronicle this very visible symptom of an otherwise invisible sickness. It's a fantastic piece.

Terrific Grand Rounds today at SharpBrains (1/15/2008)

First, SharpBrains is a darn cool site. Second, they did a terrific job of hosting Grand Rounds this week, with the theme of "Briefing the Next U.S. President." ChronicBabe is proud to be included, and hopes the candidates pay attention!

We need your vote, Babes! (1/13/2008)

We're proud to be nominated for a 2007 Medical Blog Award, sponsored by MedGadget. Voting opened on January 9 and the polls close on January 20, so please head over and vote TODAY. We need each and every ChronicBabe fan to vote! Thanks, Babes!

A ChronicPal responds to Time article on patients who Google (1/13/2008)

ChronicPal Linz Middlemiss recently wrote a response to the Time article criticizing patients who Google, and we love what she has to say about the balance between patients and doctors. Research, personal experience, and clinical work all play a part, and smart patients and docs can do their homework and work as partners for the best results. Check out her fresh perspective over at Fighting Fatigue.

Our favorite new TV show: How to Look Good Naked (1/13/2008)

From Editrix Jenni: I stumbled upon "How to Look Good Naked" last night and fell in love. Carson Kressley is so over the top but so authentic; you can tell he really wants each woman to learn to love herself JUST AS SHE IS. I can't stop smiling as I watch these Babes transform their attitudes and get fierce. To every ChronicBabe who thinks she isn't gorgeous today: I assign this TV show as your homework!

Chronic art! Art gallery hosts juried show "Ill" (1/13/2008)

Are you Ill? Do you make art? Submit to a juried show coming up at the Sixth Street Gallery in Vancouver, Wash. "Ill" will feature art that celebrates "having it, living with it, and triumphing over it" says organizer Samantha MacKenzie. The deadline for submissions if February 5, 2008.

Salon refutes one doctor's complaint about patients who research medicine online (1/11/2008)

Our pal Meg pointed us to this Salon.com article: "Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?" It's a great refutation of this article by a Grumpy Gus doctor who hates it when patients do their homework online, an analysis that shows there IS good medical information online, and not all of us who research are jerks.

Jenni is blogging at Disaboom (1/10/2008)

Editrix Jenni is blogging over at Disaboom, an extra-cool community for folks with disabilities. Her first post is on learning to live with invisible illness and disability. Let us know what you think!

Vote TODAY for ChronicBabe.com in the 2007 Medical Blog Awards! (1/9/2008)

We're proud to be nominated for a 2007 Medical Blog Award, sponsored by MedGadget. Voting opened on January 9 and the polls close on January 20, so please head over and vote TODAY. (Scroll toward the bottom of the post to see our category, Best Patient's Blog.) Thanks!

Know your candidates: Health08 (1/8/2008)

Oh, how we love the Kaiser Family Foundation. Their new resource on presidential candidates and their health care policy positions and proposals, Health08, is totally rockin' and we can't imagine making a voting decision without it.

Did you get your Goodie Bag today? (1/8/2008)

Goodie Bags were handed out yesterday - did you get yours? If not, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss a single issue of our kick-butt free enewsletter (and you get a bonus free gift, too!)

Grand Rounds @ PathTalk (1/8/2008)

Once again, we present: Grand Rounds - the best of the medical blogosphere. Hosted this week by PathTalk, it's another great collection of health writing and ChronicBabe is featured. Enjoy!

The latest resource on working with chronic illness is... (1/5/2008)

...Working with Chronic Illness, a new blog started by coach Rosalind Joffe. You can check out helpful articles and links, sign up to receive email alerts of new articles, get book recommendations and more.

Join Jenni the Editrix at Cafe Chronique (1/2/2008)

Our pal Kimberly Flynn has created a new online community at Café Chronique, part of her Chronic Couture empire. We dig! It's got all the nice features of a good social networking site, without all the annoying blinky ads. See you there! (She'll be spending some quality time in the "Fibromytes Unite!" group.)

Grand Rounds @ Other Things Amanzi (1/2/2008)

Grand Rounds is new over at Other Things Amanzi, our host from around the globe (South Africa). Excellent health writing goodies for ringing in the new year!

Worth your time: the Pain Blog Carnival (1/2/2008)

Hosted by How to Cope with Pain, the monthly Pain Blog Carnival is a solid resource for some of the best writing on pain management and coping skills. December's edition was recently posted, so get reading!

Thanks for nominating ChronicBabe for the 2007 Medical Blog Awards! (1/1/2008)

Thanks to all our readers and pals who nominated ChronicBabe.com for Medgadget's 2007 Medical Blog Awards. Don't forget to check Medgadget to see if we become a finalist, and if so, please mark your calendars and vote for us from Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2008 to Sunday, Jan. 20, 2008 at midnight (PST). Thanks!

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