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July 2008

A little music to lighten our day (7/29/2008)

We're big fans of Julia Nunes: her quirky attitude, her plucky...mmm..plucking of her ukulele, her hilarious take on making music and having fun. Enjoy her stuff at MySpace and YouTube.

Grand Rounds @ Edwin Leap (7/29/2008)

A new, gynormous encyclopedia of health is in the works (7/28/2008)

The Medpedia Project today announced the formation of the world's largest collaborative online encyclopedia of medicine called Medpedia. Physicians, medical schools, hospitals, health organizations and public health professionals are now volunteering to collaboratively build the most comprehensive medical clearinghouse in the world for information about health, medicine and the body. This free public site will officially launch at the end of 2008, and a preview site recently was launched. Sign up for notification of its launch, or to contribute.

Pain doesn't have to hold you back... (7/28/2008)

...according to a new webcast from Pain Awareness. It features Nikki Stone, an Olympic gold medalist who lives with chronic pain.

Lab tests demystified (7/26/2008)

Via Lab Tests Online, where you can search for just about any test and learn what it means. Excellent tool for us Babes... thanks for the top, ChronicPal Shannon!

Numbskull. (7/22/2008)

numbskull by mark kilner

Fantastic. Via Boing Boing, this plastic skull covered in acetaminophen created by Mark Kilner.

Email, phone calls could help you get in better shape (7/22/2008)

MSNBC reports on research into the value of occasional email and phone call reminders to exercise. Great idea! You could use a service like Jott, or I Want Sandy or even Remember the Milk to help with reminders. Why not give it a shot!

GruntDoc hosts the 200th edition of Grand Rounds! (7/22/2008)

Off-topic, but good for the soul (and the snark): Project Runway starts tonight! (7/16/2008)

Despite feeling awful and dealing with some family crap and such, Jenni's hosting a tiny Project Runway viewing party on her couch with some pals. Please do yourself a ChronicBabe-a-licious favor and do the same; enjoying the show with friends is much more fun! (And if you're not a ProRun fan, well, do something else fun, ladies.)

Gossip, rumors and scandal: Grand Rounds @ Unprotected Text (7/16/2008)

Unprotected Text hosts this week's Grand Rounds, a fabulous collection of posts and snarky commentary. We luv this week's effort!

Is it time for the end of breast self-exams? (7/15/2008)

MSNBC.com suggests that we may soon see the end of breast self exams. Mixed emotions, anyone? Check out the debate before you go ignoring your boobies, Babes.

Street Anatomy: Delicate wool organs (7/15/2008)

sarah hillengerger's wool heart Fantastic. We're in love with these delicate wool organs (thanks, Street Anatomy!), and want them all to ourselves.

The Editrix is fine, but swamped (7/15/2008)

Apologies for the site being so slow with udpates...Jenni the Editrix is fine, just swamped with a bunch of projects and family stuff. We'll get back to regular updates tomorrow, we promise! Much love, the ChronicBabe team.

Thanks for entering our essay contest! (7/15/2008)


Thanks for all the terrific essays, Babes! We had a great contest and the Editrix is so thrilled wtih all the wonderful comments and essays. EVERYONE who entered gets a little something free, and the first prize is a box of ChronicBabe swag; and the entries will start being posted tomorrow. Yay!

Grand Rounds @ The Blog That Ate Manhattan (7/8/2008)

Vitamin D - to tan or not to tan, that is the question (7/5/2008)

The past couple days, Editrix Jenni has been trying to get at least 15 minutes a day of un-sunscreened sun time to facilitate her body in making a healthy amount of Vitamin D. But this article in the Washington Post about recent Vitamin D research makes us wonder what's healthy. Jury's still out, Babes. Ask your health care providers for more guidance before baking outside...

For a good night's sleep, try lettuce (7/2/2008)

So says one of Lifehacker's writers. Nothing says "sweet dreams" like a big ol' sandwich of nothing but lettuce. But hey—can't hurt to try, right? (Thanks for the tip, Matt!)

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