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April 2009

Free pain journal from the American Pain Foundation (4/30/2009)

This looks like an excellent, ready-to-use tool for Babes in pain. Download the PDF and get writing—maybe it will help you find patterns and improve your experience (and help inform your docs)!

Grand Rounds @ Six Until Me: What's on the Menu? (4/30/2009)

Kerri gives us a "taste" of what it's like to be a ChronicBabe and a savvy writer. This Grand Rounds is fantastic, with tons of new information and great voices. Bon appetit!

Time's running out: Please cast your vote today! (4/30/2009)

There are just a few more days left to vote in the Women's Health Heroes awards, sponsored by Our Bodies, Our Blog. Please take a moment today to vote for Editrix Jenni. Thanks!

What a sweet little profile at Disaboom! (4/30/2009)

Editrix Jenni talked with Disaboom recently about the evolution of ChronicBabe and what's in store for our future.

Start planning now: May 16 is World Hugging Day (4/27/2009)

We're so excited to tell you that May 16 is World Hugging Day! Think about who you want to hug and get ready to get next to them that day. Hugging is good for you—for us—for everyone! Hug it out, Babes!

Last chance to enter the DiabetesMine Challenge! (4/27/2009)

You could win up to $10,000—and change the diabetes world! Enter the 2009 DiabetesMine Design Challenge. Deadline: May 1.

Speaking of having a sense of humor... (4/23/2009)

...Editrix Jenni just bought WristStrong, a bracelet created by Stephen Colbert to show just how awesome our wrists can be despite injury. She just couldn't resist. If you've had surgery or an injury, this might be a way to keep you laughing. Or a daily reminder of how powerful the body is: that we can heal, even if it takes a long time. And it's darn funny.

Miss Waxie gives us some comic relief (4/23/2009)

Autoimmune disease, funny? Yup! Miss Waxie has a new comic series online: A Comic Life, Indeed. We love that she's found a way to use her sense of humor to cope—and entertain us in the process. Show her some love, Babes!

Why are "good patients" going broke? (4/23/2009)

Kerrie of SixUntilMe asks this question today , talking about proactive vs. reactive health care expenses. Babes, this piece made me tear up—I think many of us can relate.

Grand Rounds @ DiabetesMine (4/21/2009)

Fellow ChronicBabe Amy Tenderich of DiabetesMine celebrates a birthday today in hosting Grand Rounds. Head over and help her celebrate!

Looking for current events that make you smile? (4/15/2009)

Try the Good News Network. They've got tons of, well, good news—which sure beats all the crap out there in the world right now, right? Turn off headline news and turn on some goodness.

Christians with chronic illness blog carnival: #1 (4/15/2009)

Our pals at Rest Ministries have been working on a new project: the Christians with Chronic Illness blog carnival. There's great info here, Babes, so if it's your thing, head on over!

AmazonFail: Please take a breath. (4/14/2009)

There's been a huge hubbub about Amazon de-listing rankings for lots of GLBT and disability-related books. We still don't know exactly what the truth is. So before ChronicBabe drops its Amazon links, let's see how this pans out. Meanwhile, a couple things to read: Lisy talks about the impact on the disability community, the New York Times talks to Amazon for some official response, a fun depiction of what's been going on, and if you really want to dive in here's the Twitter search. Once we know what really happened, we'll make an informed decision about our relationship with Amazon.

How's the Be Here Now experiment going, you ask? (4/13/2009)

Mighty fine, we answer. Editrix Jenni has written plenty of posts about mindfulness and headphones, friendship and music, healing and sushi...plus a few cool folks have joined us, making super-fun artistic expressions of what it means to Be Here Now. Learn more (and participate!) at "The Be Here Now Experiment" blog.

Street Anatomy never lets us down (4/13/2009)

Their latest post, on Dan Beckemeyer's "Systems," is just gorgeous. Stitching, felt and paper re-create musculature and circulatory components...gorgeous! Thanks, Street Anatomy, for all these gorgeous and weird body images moments!

Dell joins the electronic medical records race (4/13/2009)

Electronic medical records are becoming more common, and big tech companies are joining the race to see who can create the best (and most profitable) system. It's a good idea to keep up with the latest news, like this story about Dell Computers and their efforts to capture part of the market.

Women's Health Heroes: We're nominated! (4/2/2009)

Please consider voting for ChronicBabe in the Our Bodies, Ourselves-sponsored Women's Health Heroes contest. Our nomination and voting spot is here, and we want to give a huge shout-out to ChronicPal Cinnamon Cooper, whose nomination made Editrix Jenni burst into happy tears. (Cinnamon designs cute stripey handbags for us all.) If you love ChronicBabe, VOTE—and tell your friends! Thanks so much, Babes!

Want to "be here now" with Editrix Jenni? (4/2/2009)

She started a Tumblr to document her daily experiment throughout April. Check it out, and let us know if you want to participate. It's easy! There's more info here. Join us in being mindful..and see how it changes your life!

Confused about medical bills? Jean Poole has the answers. Be a money-savvy babe. Download and listen today.
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