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September 2009

Just make it work! (9/30/2009)

Laurie Edwards talks about how we often "just make it work" despite our illnesses. Editrix Jenni is inspired and slightly teary-eyed reading this piece, as it resonates deeply. We ((hug)) Laurie from ChronicBabe HQ here in Chicago!

New Twitter tool finds info on drug discounts in your zip code (9/29/2009)

Wondering what the cheapest local price is for your medication? Check out this new Twitter tool from Change:HealthCare. We're going to fiddle with it over here at ChronicBabe HQ and keep you posted.

Health care reform is a women's issue, says the NY Times (9/29/2009)

Women are more in need of - and in need of guiding - health care reform, says the New York Times's Nancy Folbre.

Use caution with Tamiflu - dosage problems (9/29/2009)

The L.A. Times reports there is some confusion about dosage of the antiviral Tamiflu, a medication many people are using as flu season starts. Check the labels, Babes, and be careful with that and ALL medications!

Seeking joy? Watch this short flick for ideas... (9/28/2009)

Just a few minutes of your time can open up some channels for finding joy. This short movie is a really nice way to take a break from work or stress and just relax with the possibility that you can be happier even if you're a sick chick. We like!

Taking an anticonvulsant? (Especially you Babes who are taking Lyrica for fibromyalgia) (9/28/2009)

This short piece on anticonvulsants at How to Cope With Pain was super informative for Editrix Jenni (who lives with fibromyalgia) and we thought you might get great info from it, too.

Young people in pain look decades older, reports UPI (9/26/2009)

Speak for yourselves! We don't think we look that much older...in fact, we think we look YOUNGER than our age. Guess it's all that clean livin' (wink wink)! Check out the whole story from UPI.

Did you do your office yoga today? (9/25/2009)

jenni does yogaI did. And then I wrote a little something about it at my blog, Does This City Make Me Look Fat? (Photo by my pal/officemate Sandor Weisz.)

It's OK to say no! Listen to Editrix Jenni's II Week presentation now... (9/23/2009)

You won't want to say NO to this: an Invisible Illness Week presentation on building healthy boundaries when you live with chronic illness, given by Editrix Jenni Prokopy. We're listening to it again over here!

Feel your boobies and get a free sticker (9/17/2009)

Best. Sticker. Ever. In honor of Feel Your Boobies Week (October 9-16) you can get a free sticker to remind yourself (and anyone who sees it) to do a breast self-exam every month. Fabulous!

The FDA considers making acetaminophen 500mg prescription only. Huh? Sign the petition! (9/14/2009)

Who thinks this is a good idea? The American Pain Foundation reports today that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering making acetaminophen 500mg tablets available by prescription only. Sign the petition to fight this ridiculous rule, which would make it difficult (if not impossible) for folks in pain to get basic medications. (Or, respond directly to the FDA.)

Sept. 15: Help Weight Watchers fight world hunger (9/11/2009)

It's Lose-a-palooza, baby, and you can help. Mashable has all the details. Take just a minute on September 15 and help fight hunger with a tweet or Facebook post!

September is Pain Awareness Month: Want to chat? (9/11/2009)

The American Pain Foundation is rallying folks to help spread the word. Want to chat with them to see how you can help? Join Mayssa Sultan, MPA, L.Ac., and the American Pain Foundation’s PainAid Community for a Live Online Chat on September 15 at 8pm EST, discussing activities YOU can do to raise awareness for Pain Awareness Month and the National Day of Action on September 26. To reserve your space, email the folks at chats@painfoundation.org.

Watch "House?" It may be good for your health (9/9/2009)

MSNBC reports today on a woman who self-diagnosed herself (correctly) with Guillian-Barre syndrome using info she learned by watching House. Just another reason why we love the show!

Patients for a Moment #7 is live! (9/9/2009)

This fun blog carnival is all about the patients' perspective. This week's host, Leslie of Getting Closer to Myself, does a terrific job wrangling all the contributions. Rock!

Grand Rounds comes to Paramedicine (9/8/2009)

Medic 999 hosts Grand Rounds this week, approaching it from the angle of a paramedic. We like! There are so many interesting posts here, and new blogs to check out. Enjoy!

Full speaker schedule for Invisible Illness Week (9/7/2009)

Are you excited for Invisible Illness Week 2009? We are! Editrix Jenni is speaking, along with tons of ChronicPals. Check out the full schedule of speakers and if you've never attended a "virtual" conference, founder Lisa Copen has a handy guide for you.

Editrix Jenni to speak at Invisible Illness Week 2009! (9/2/2009)

Having trouble saying NO? Then you must hear Jenni's presentation on healthy boundaries with chronic illness, part of this year's Invisible Illness Awareness Week. She'll be speaking live and taking your questions on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 9am Pacific time (that's noon EST, 11am CST and 10am for you Mountain folk). Here's the complete week's schedule. (It will be archived in case you miss it, but don't you want to ask a live question?)

Confused about medical bills? Jean Poole has the answers. Be a money-savvy babe. Download and listen today.
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