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February 2011

Today is Rare Disease Day (2/28/2011)

Laurie at A Chronic Dose has some great resources on rare disease advocacy, and she talks about life with rare disease—something we know lots of you experience.

Susannah Fox talks about healthcare out loud (2/23/2011)

Check out this choice video of Susannah Fox filmed at e-patient connections 2010. Fox is Pew Internet's Associate Director of Digital Strategy. It's good stuff, Babes.

Look what we just found: Jungle Pants. (2/23/2011)

Right here. Under our noses. Jungle Pants. A website for folks with disabilities - and it's freakin' awesome. A pal pointed us in its direction and we're so excited to learn about it and meet its awesome creator, Anne, who writes from experience. She's a sassy lady with a dream of helping people become adventurers. Awesome!

Welcome Rachel B, our new Midtern! (2/21/2011)

You may know her from Tales of Rachel or Diabetes Daily or WEGO Health or a number of other places. To us, she's our Midtern - our mid-thirties intern. Rachel is going to be our key moderator at the ChronicBabe Forum, and she's a total rock star. Please give her a warm welcome. Hugs!

And here's why it's time for you to give a crap about contacting your government representatives: (2/21/2011)

They want to ruin your health care. Jennifer Jaffe of Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness, Inc., lays it down. Take action, Babes. No excuses.

Planned Parenthood is under attack, BTW. Want to help? (2/18/2011)

The U.S. House of Representatives just voted to bar Planned Parenthood health centers from all federal funding for birth control, cancer screenings, HIV testing and other things. Want to speak out against this atrocity? Sign the petition.

Oh, and yea, the deadline is TODAY to submit to our blog carnival! (2/18/2011)

Know a kick-ass blogger? Then show her some Linky Love and send us a bitchin' link and we'll include her in next Monday's carnival. Details. Get busy!

Because we love you, here are some tips on belching, bloating, and flatulence. (2/18/2011)

Courtesy of the American College of Gastroenterology. Thanks to Erin at Gluten-Free Fun for pointing it out.

Chocolate and Vicodin: A virtual book tour (2/17/2011)

Patients for a Moment, hosted at Not Standing Still (2/16/2011)

If you're trying to explain mental illness to someone, you may want them to read this... (2/15/2011)

Breed 'em and Weep wrote this awesome post about mental illness, which made Editrix Jenni burst into tears. Her best friend Natalie said today, "Hey, read this." So Jenni did. And so should you. And so should everyone. We wish everyone could understand that mental illness—like lots of invisible illnesses—is a sometimes nearly impossible journey. But with the support of awesome friends and family, we can make it through.

Oh, Grunt Doc, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways... (2/15/2011)

Happy Valentine's Day! (2/14/2011)

Today, a loving reminder that we here at ChronicBabe HQ love YOU just the way you are, you sick chicks! XOXO

SuperBetter, or how Jane McGonigal turned her concussion recovery into a game (2/10/2011)

She lays out all the instructions right there. This Babe has an interesting perspective on working with illness and wellness, folks. Check it out.

Swedish Covenant Hospital: Editrix Jenni is an inspirational blogger! (2/10/2011)

Pat pat pat...that's the sound of Editrix Jenni patting herself on the back, just a little. Long before they became her freelance writing client, Swedish Covenant Hospital interviewed Jenni for their "inspirational blogger" series, posted on Well Community Chicago. So much fun!

ZDogg Life (Hospitalist Anthem) is gonna be stuck in our head for a while... (2/5/2011)

He did it again! @ZDoggMD has us rolling in the aisles with his new video, the Hard Doc's Life (Hospitalist Anthem). MUST WATCH.

Coveting: Anatomically correct heart locket necklace (2/5/2011)

Shana Logic always rocks our world with awesome clothes and accessories, and they get it right again with this gorgeous heart necklace. Editrix Jenni is crushing over it bigtime.

Ninjabetic wrote a great post today about being a dad with diabetes (2/4/2011)

Sometimes my friends are so awesome and strong and hilarious I forget they're sick. And then they write something like this. That's invisible illness, folks, hiding inside some pretty freakin' fabulous people. XOXO, George!

Just do nothing for 2 minutes. (2/4/2011)

Having a rough day? Tired of shoveling snow? Try this. Do nothing for 2 minutes. We dare you. Editrix Jenni tried and FAILED. She's gonna try and try again. Babes, if we can't learn to chill out for two minutes, we can't take good care of ourselves. Lesson learned, yes?

Vote for the best blogs in MedGadget's 2010 Medical Weblog Awards (2/3/2011)

ChronicBabe was lucky enough to win one in the past; now you can vote for another blog to win! Cast your vote today.

Joan uses routine to manage her fibromyalgia (2/3/2011)

A fellow ChronicBabe pointed us to this piece about using daily routine to manage fibromyalgia symptoms. Awesome! This approach probably works for plenty of chronic illnesses. Editrix Jenni also uses routine. And chocolate chip cookies. Erm...

Undiagnosed Diseases Program at National Institutes of Health: Pretty darn awesome. (2/3/2011)

The New York Times has some good news for folks with undiagnosed and ultra-rare diseases: You don't have to be ignored. Check out this news on the Undiagnosed Diseases Program at NIH.

Falling finds friends (2/2/2011)

Our pal @ErinBreedlove writes about what it's like to take a nasty spill when you live with cerebral palsy. She's reminded that she's surrounded by awesome friends. Makes you think, right? (And a reminder: when we mention people with @ in front of their names, that's their Twitter handle.)

Are you snowed in? (2/2/2011)

Editrix Jenni is in awe at the piles of snow. From high up in her apartment, the view is awesome; and her patio door has an awesome schwoopy wave of snow build-up. From Jenni and everyone who makes ChronicBabe magical, we hope you're somewhere warm and safe. Hugs!

How do you want to feel? (2/2/2011)

Dr. @LissaRankin asks this question today, wondering what your perfect Wednesday would look like. Not a bad question for ChronicBabes—and everyone else—to consider. We're taking this snow day opportunity to ask ourselves this powerful question. Why don't you give it a shot?

Health care and technology: Grand Rounds-style (2/1/2011)

HL7 hosts Grand Rounds this week, with a faboo theme. Some good reading for folks who are socked in by all the snow.

Pain Support newsletter is kind of the bomb! (2/1/2011)

Jan Sadler's Pain Support newsletter always shows up at the right time, with the right kind of advice. For all the Babes out there who need to slow down and take a deep breath, please please please read Jan's newsletter this month.

Over at WEGO Health, Amanda challenges you to think about chronic conditions and relationships (2/1/2011)

Are you up to the challenge? Check out her list of different kinds of relationship hurdles and see if you're ready to write about your experience.

Is it just us, or is it really annoying that the second item in the WomensHealth.gov newsletter is about Men's Health? (2/1/2011)

For realz? "Because women can offer great support and information." Don't we already do that, like, all the time? Sigh. We hesitate to link, but here's what their website offers. We're just kind of confused. Can't we just have our own damn site?

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