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April 2011

Local girl done good: Jennifer Wilford's work with crohn's and colitis (4/28/2011)

Talk about a ChronicBabe: Jennifer is doing all kinds of awesome fundraising work with her husband, both of whom have inflammatory bowel disease. We're so proud of her! Are you a Chronicbabe who's doing advocacy work? Tell us so we can give you a shout-out!

Deadline tomorrow: Be part of our next blog carnival on ChronicMoms! (4/28/2011)

Want to share your experience as a mom with chronic illness? We sure want you to! Join our next blog carnival, which will run on Monday, May 2; the deadline to submit posts is tomorrow night. 

Grand Rounds @ Dispatch from Second Base (4/26/2011)

What gives your life—or work—meaning? Our host asks fellow medbloggers this question in this edition of Grand Rounds, which results in tons of tasty answers. Enjoy!

Want to help with a top-secret ChronicBabe project? (4/25/2011)

Editrix Jenni has something up her sleeve, but she can't make it awesome without your input. Want to help? Take her 3-minute survey. Thanks!

Tonight's the night! Jenni and friends on the WEGO Health Webinar: (4/21/2011)

Navigating Your Health Narrative. We'll be chatting with @LisaEmrich and @apdolan of @wegohealth about blogging and creating community. You know you want to listen in! (At least register so you can get the audio later.) 

Kathleen Turner on having rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and refusing to use a wheelchair (4/21/2011)

When docs said she would never walk again, she said, "Go F&CK yourself." She just refused. Now she's on Broadway. This is a lady with some brass, Babes. Thanks to my pal Dee, who sent me this link to inspire. Make sure you read all the way to page two. xo 

Tomorrow! Don't miss it! Jenni and friends in the WEGO Health Webinar: (4/20/2011)

Survey: What's your attitude toward psychiatry? (4/20/2011)

Tell Shrink Rap! We dig this blog, so help them complete a great survey by offering your perspective. Thanks!

Celebrate your diagnosis anniversary? Then you should check out Patients for a Moment today (4/20/2011)

Bedside Manner hosts @GrandRounds today (4/19/2011)

And it's a lovely collection of posts, all about patient-centered health care. (Wait, shouldn't it ALWAYS be patient-centered, I mean, isn't that why we, um, never mind...) 

Girl crush! "The Fight Like a Girl Club" is our new favorite site! (4/19/2011)

The Fight Like A Girl Club is a site for women battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases, and it totally kicks ass. It's super-cute, pink and bubbly, and also totally audacious. And we like. Get your booties over there if you haven't seen it yet!

Can you help Selena @BreakCancer? (4/18/2011)

ChronicPal @Selenamki is trying to set a world record. This friday, you can help her—by making a comment at her blog, where she'll be writing about her experience as a young adult cancer patient. Here are all the details. We'll be there. Will you?

Are you going to listen to Jenni and pals speak this Thursday? (4/18/2011)

"Navigating Your Health Narrative" is a webinar from WEGO Health, and it will be LIVE this Thursday at 7pm CST. Details and registration are here; don't fret if you can't attend live, though; as long as you register, you can hear it archived later. BUT you do do need to register, Babes! XO

Last chance to share a post for our next blog carnival: Causes I Stand Up For and Support! (4/15/2011)

Deadline is tonight! Send us your post and tell us about your favorite health-related cause. Details on how to submit your post are here. Help us promote your favorite cause, Babes!

Have a disability? Practicing attachment parenting? Maybe you should write about it... (4/11/2011)

This kick-ass blogger (at Raising My Boychick) is creating a zine all about the issue, and she needs your submissions. We know you've got some great ideas so chip in, Babes!

Want to know some crazy things about vaginas? (4/8/2011)

Sure you do? And Dr. Lissa Rankin of @OwningPink is the one to share them, for sure. Without further ado, 15 Crazy Things About Vaginas. Enjoy.

Social media "power users" enjoy interaction with health care companies (4/6/2011)

A new survey by WEGO Health shows that social media "power users" (hey, that's me!, says Editrix Jenni) like to interact online with health care companies, and that while they want some regulation of those companies, they don't want them shackled by too many rules. Get more scoop on the research.

Whoa. Patients for a Moment blog carnival on Help is AWESOME today! (4/6/2011)

Hosted by Possibilism, today's PFAM has the theme of "Is Help a Four-Letter Word?" and it is just fabulous, ladies. You've got to head over and see what hostess Hayzell has put together!

If you live in the Chicago area, tune in to see Editrix Jenni this Thursday (4/5/2011)

Set your DVRs! She'll be appearing on ABC-7's 11am news as part of a profile by Karen Meyer. That's this Thursday, April 7. Don't live in the area? No worries—there will be video online later and we'll post the link! Squeeee!!!

Grand Rounds @ Emergiblog gets Angry Birds! (4/5/2011)

Confused about medical bills? Jean Poole has the answers. Be a money-savvy babe. Download and listen today.
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