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There are tons of disease-specific organizations in the "Conditions" category; these groups fight more generally to ensure great health for women and research on diseases that impact us.


About Face

Do an "about face" on your self-esteem with About Face.

Confronting female stereotypes of all kinds, this should be on your list of sites to visit if you feel differently about yourself due to your illness. Check out the blog for starters.

Achoo! Indoor Allergens

Anyone who has hay fever or chemical sensitivities knows about their triggers outdoors and in the public sphere.

But if you're feeling allergic reactions in your own home, what's next? Our beloved National Women's Health Resource Center has yet again come to our rescue with its guide to Indoor Allergens & Women's Health.

Adios, Barbie

Some old-school Babes remember the idealistic side of Barbie, the one who got us to say, "We girls can do anything! Right, Barbie?!"

That was a tough sell, overlooking the body image encouraged by Barbie. AdiosBarbie.com provides the other side of the story with ways to be kind to your body.

American Medical Women's Association

With a chronic illness, it can help us feel safer, more understood, to have a physician who lives in a body more like ours.

If you feel the same way, look into the American Medical Women's Association, promoting health for everyone through women's empowerment. Visit its resources page for more advocacy organizations.

Back-to-School Health Guide for College-Age Women

The National Women's Health Resource Center features health care tips aimed at women heading off (or back) to school.

The Back-to-School Health Guide for College-Age Women tells it like it is: get active and stay active, and ditch the cigarettes. You'll also find ways to avoid STIs, depression, and other things you didn't register for on your class schedule.

Canadian Women's Health Network

Considering crossing the border for better health care?

Go to the Canadian Women's Health Network before you go and ask your questions on its listserv.

Family Health International

What web site has a fully searchable database of over 3,000 health-related publications online?

Family Health International does, and it also manages research and field work in over 70 countries.

FDA Office of Women's Health

The Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women's Health (OWH) is a government agency that "serves as a champion for women's health."

Visit here for information about women's health, including breast cancer, pregnancy, heart disease, diabetes and menopause. The agency also serves as an advocate for gender sensitivity and women's health rights within the FDA. Get news and updates about disease treatments and clinical trials, and visit their publications page for facts on common women's health issues.

Heart Truth

Cold hard facts? How about warm soft facts?

Either way, learn more about women and heart health awareness at Heart Truth.

How 'Bout Them Peepers?

We know you've seen more than one link to the National Women's Health Resource Center on ChronicBabe.com.

But, jeepers, your eyes need lovin', too. Download the free Women & Healthy Vision for tips (and, please, must you squint?).

Jacobs Institute of Women's Health

JIWH aims to improve health care for all women by identifying and studying women's health issues, as well as facilitating communication between patients and practitioners.

Get the latest women's health news, including info about new treatments, legislative measures and conditions women commonly face.

Metabolic Syndrome Health Center

A product of the National Women's Health Resource Center , the Metabolic Syndrome Resource Center provides tons of great info about risk factors associated with obesity in women, and what you can do to recognize them.

Get facts about metabolic syndrome and obesity risks, use cool interactive tools and learn more about how to reduce your risk.

National Partnership for Women and Families

Safe, affordable health care is a major concern of the National Partnership for Women and Families.

If you've ever taken advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act--which guarantees workers 12 weeks of unpaid leave for health reasons or to care for a new baby--you have the National Partnership for Women and Families to thank. Now they're working on the Healthy Family Act, which would guarantee employees paid sick days.

National Women's Health Information Center

The National Women's Health Information Center is a US government agency that works to improve the health of women of all ages.

Get information and resources on women's health and common issues Babes face, including issues as varied as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, violence prevention and mental health. Been wondering why BMI is so important to your health? Find out here (quick and easy) or here (complete with a cute figure to help you, plus instructions in Spanish).

National Women's Health Network (NWHN)

Its mission: "The National Women's Health Network improves the health of all women by developing and promoting a critical analysis of health issues in order to affect policy and support consumer decision-making. The Network aspires to a health care system that is guided by social justice and reflects the needs of diverse women."

Representatives of this organization have testified at FDA hearings and before Congress, advocating for better health care policy for women. Their site offers updates on current legislative issues affecting women's health.

National Women's Health Resource Center

The NWHRC promotes women's health by providing education, support and resources based on the latest scientific advancements.

Chances are, if you have a question about any women's health issue—or even health in general—you'll find information and resources about it here. Features include a comprehensive and easy-to-use index, Q&A with dietitian Nora Saul and resources in Spanish. And keep up to date with Women's Health in the News

Organization for the Study of Sex Differences

An offshoot of the Society for Women's Health Research , the OSSD is dedicated to exploring the role of biological sex in health and medicine.

Get high-level information on how gender affects health, medicine and specific conditions.

Society for Women's Health Research

We're not sure how the great U. S. of A. only has one nonprofit org to support women's health through "research, education, and advocacy...."

On the other hand, we're more than happy to point you to the Society for Women's Health Research. Sign up on the registration page for the portal to all e-newsletters, including the biweekly newsletter and action alerts. We know what you're thinking, and that's not the kind of action we mean. But you can always sign up for their "Sexx Matters" newsletter.

USA.gov Women's Health Newsletter

Go straight to the source with the U.S. federal goverment's official women's health newsletter.

The award-winning site provides consumer information, along with a link to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services' Women'sHealth.gov with girls' health and Spanish resources, too.


WiredBerries is an online community for women full of health and lifestyle tips, articles and resources.

This site is a one-stop shop for babes looking for health info. With topics as varied as music, outdoors, recipes and generally healthy living, WiredBerries has it all!

Women and HealthCare: a National Profile

A national survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals how women feel about the healthcare they're getting—and who's slipping through the cracks.

This major survey by a premier healthcare organization looks at who's happy with the care they get and who's missing out, as well as healthcare costs, insurance, prevention and women's role in family healthcare. Babes who are short on time can read just the news release announcing the survey.

Women's Health

Women's Health takes a broad view of its subject matter, pulling together resources not just on physical and mental health but also on fashion, nutrition, relationships, fitness and lots more.

Women helping other women is the philosophy behind Women's Health, and the scores of discussion and support boards are there to prove it. Looking to weigh in on a subject or ask a question? Registration is required for that, though anyone can read the huge amount of information that's already posted. Or watch one of the cool videos in the Health Library.

Women's Health Matters

Truer words were never spoken, but Women's Health Matters is also the name of our current fave health e-newsletter.

Sign up for the e-newsletter or hit yourself up with some quick tips from the home page.

Women's Heart Foundation

The Women's Heart Foundation is "dedicated to improving the survival and quality of life for women with heart disease through the promotion of health literacy in gender care."

Learn more about the number-one killer of women in the United States - get user-friendly information from a source especially for women. Check out sections on surgery, heart disease, exercise and wellness.

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