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 The ChronicBabe Podcast!

We're so excited to present our latest goodie: the ChronicBabe podcast! Editrix Jenni will be offering up lots of fun and educational discussions, interviewing terrific writers and health care experts, chatting with other ChronicBabes and much more. You can stream each podcast from our site using our handy player, or right-click on the "listen now" link and "save as" to download the MP3 for later listening.

elena rubin and jenni prokopyHere's what fans are already saying: "Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I LOVED your first podcast! It was just what I needed this evening. I was able to listen to it while I rested my eyes to get rid of a migraine. One of the worst things about the headaches I get since developing fibromyalgia is the boredom of not being able to look at the computer, or read a book or watch TV when my head hurts, without making it worse. So thanks so much for the welcome distraction." - April Duritza, a total ChronicBabe!

nick markos and jenni prokopySo many thanks!

We couldn't have this awesome podcast series without the help of Elena Rubin (that's Jenni with her, up above!), our magical audio princess at Flashpoint Academy, who records Jenni and edits all our material to make it sound soooo good; Nick Markos (that's him with Jenni to the left!), aka The Hitmaker, who provided some terrific tunes; and everyone who makes the ChronicBabe podcast possible, including friends, family, and all our fellow ChronicBabes. You all rock!

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Overcoming self-defeating behaviors when you live with chronic illness (8/25/2009)

We all do it at some point: We refuse to see the shades of gray, focusing instead on only black and white concepts. We freak out and catastrophize about easily fixed issues. We isolate ourselves out of shame or shyness. These are just some of the self-defeating behaviors people with chronic illness face, and Editrix Jenni is here to give you some real-time, practical steps you can take today to overcome them and live a better life. Start today! Listen in, and if you have more ideas, let us know.

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Editrix Jenni Prokopy has tips for you, presented in a practical, fun and relaxed sort of way.

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A conversation with Cancer Bitch: S.L. Wisenberg (7/30/2009)

S.K. Wisenberg, a.k.a. Sandi, a.k.a. Cancer Bitch is a great interview - savvy, sharp and ready to take on all your preconceived notions about what it means to live with (or through) having breast cancer. Editrix Jenni talks with her about Sandi's book, The Adventures of Cancer Bitch, plus feminism, pink M&Ms, science, activism and much more.

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Sandi and Jenni at the Flashpoint Academy recording studio

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Laurie Edwards: Life Disrupted - a conversation about life with illness in your 20s and 30s (7/16/2009)

Editrix Jenni interviews Laurie Edwards of A Chronic Dose, who recently published Life Disrupted: Getting Real About Chronic Illness in Your Twenties and Thirties. The gals chat about the book, Laurie's personal story and much more. This is a real girlfriends conversation about living well in spite of chronic illness!

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Check out Laurie's book - Jenni's in it, plus a bunch of other great folks. You'll love it!

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ChronicBabe 101: The "First Four Steps" (7/7/2009)

Editrix Jenni Prokopy walks you through some of the most
important things you need to know to be a ChronicBabe. She gives you practical tips you can start using today—it's totally easy and fun!

Special thanks go to Elena Rubin, our magical audio princess at Flashpoint Academy; Nick Markos, aka The Hitmaker, for some terrific tunes; and everyone who makes the ChronicBabe podcast possible! Seriously, for this first episode especially which has been soooo long in the making, we're eternally grateful to everyone who has helped make it possible.

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Editrix Jenni Prokopy gets comfy in the sound booth at
Flashpoint Academy in Chicago.

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* Note you can also download the podcast to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting "Save Target As."

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